Flooding in Powell and Knox County

By Skylar Letteer

Areas in Powell and Knoxville alike have been experiencing record setting flooding along busy streets and property. With forecasts calling for another one to three inches of rain in the mere span of an hour, phones have been buzzing with alerts of a flash flood warnings. Images of the Powell district have been captured, showing cars submerged in water and roads blocked off due to the mass amount of rain. This week’s forecast has been constant rain for all regions of Tennessee and it doesn’t show signs of stopping until Monday. With rising waters becoming a concern, people have been encouraged to stay off the roads in order to prevent any accidents. Updates are being sent out in regards to flooding, but until then be safe along highways and avoid backroads when coming home. Stay inside as much as possible and drive slowly to avoid hydroplaning as well as running into a section of water, as it is uncertain of how deep it could be. Even though you may know the water-covered road, many times the actual asphalt may have been washed away and the physical road is no longer there. Tennessee and Knoxville’s goals are to keep everyone safe and updated during this time.

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