Finding Peace During Holidays

By Korri Manzolini

One of the things people struggle the most with is choosing the right response during stressful situations. And what is one of the most stressful situations? Family occasions. Everyone gets along outside of a holiday but as soon as everyone gets together to celebrate, they choose to argue and bicker about things that happened a long time ago. Or maybe all the children run around together until one falls and then the tears flow. One after another, they they melt down and throw tantrums. And even if your family does not get together because of something, you still get stress from no interaction at all. Regardless of your personal circumstances, there is always something you can do to help ease the stress you are feeling.

Remember that time together is precious. Do you see your family often or are you guys ever together more than a few days a year? Enjoy the moments that you spend with them and embrace the stressful situations because time is temporary and you never know when you will see them again.

Be assertive. Even if you are not the oldest person in your family, don’t let people walk over you and if something makes you uncomfortable, tell them. You might not be the oldest person in your family but you aren’t a kid.

Pick your battles carefully. There are tons of arguments that can be avoided during gatherings. If someone says something to you that you don’t particularly like but can ignore then move on and don’t add fuel to the fire. Even if they are wrong in the situation, there is a time to say something but also to forgive and forget.

Work out disagreements before everyone is together to avoid a blowup for everyone.

Recognize the best peace comes from the lord. In the verse Psalm 147:13-14 ESV, it says:

For he strengthens the bars of your gates; He blesses your children within you. He makes peace in your borders; He fills you with the finest of wheat.

Reading the verse above during stressful family situations is a good way to approach the struggles that take away from the joy of the holidays. When we decide to face the challenges, a peaceful perspective rises.

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