Fifth Grader Dies Two Days After School Fight

By Ann Friend

A fifth grader from South Carolina died from injuries after fight. The young girl was airlifted from her school and was taken to Medical University of South Carolina, where she was listed in critical condition. Just two days later, she died from her injuries.

People began questioning what exactly happened to the girl, but the school had no comment on the situation, and wouldn’t explain to the mother what exactly happened. After the autopsy was completed, the family of the little girl still had no answer as to why she died. All autopsy information discovered has not been released to the public, but has prompted further analysis. The investigators say that the investigation could take weeks.

The mother stated that her daughter had been getting bullied at school. She had complained to the school that her daughter had been getting picked on by other students, but the school allegedly did nothing to stop it.

A GoFundMe was set up to help pay for the medical bills. The goal is $12,000, and people had donated nearly $10,000 before the girls death. Less than half an hour after she passed away, the goal of $12,000 was reached.

School staff wore pink and purple, the fifth grader’s favorite colors, and had a moment of silence for the girl. Later, the students were given an option to make posters and cards for the family.

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