A Rise in Equality

By Meghan Owens

Feminism, by definition, is “the theory of political, economic, and social equality between the sexes”. Sadly, there are many countries and regions where women are not perceived or treated as equal. Since the beginning of time, women have been considered incapable of doing masculine things. With the expectations of men being strong and hard working, we have created the stereotype of women being fragile. Before women’s liberation, women were told they were unable of meeting the physical demands of working blue collar jobs. Even though the women of America have made strides towards equality, the feminist movement is still progressing throughout the world. For example, Saudi Arabian women were not allowed to drive until recently when the female driving ban was finally lifted. When Prince Mohammed bin Salman, deputy prime minister, began his liberalizing campaign, women’s freedom started to transform for the better. Although, prior to the ban being lifted, women were forbidden from driving a vehicle. If they did, they would be sent to prison. Activists who protested against the ban were imprisoned and accused of treason. Now that the ban has been lifted, women are claiming they feel “free like a bird” even though they still have limitations. They are not allowed to drive without written permission from a man. It’s astonishing how women’s liberation is lagging in other parts of the world. With the progression of a feminist movement, women around the globe will soon be considered equal.

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