Famous Notre Dame Cathedral Ablaze

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

By Skylar Letteer

A major has fire nearly engulfed the 850 year old cathedral known as Notre Dame. The first emergency call was placed at around 6:20 p.m on Monday, but there was no fire visible until 20 minutes later when a second call was placed. The fire spread rapidly due to wooden interior and lack of assistance at the sight. 400 firefighters were sent to the cathedral, but were delayed approximately an hour in result of traffic. Around 8 p.m, the infamous spire came toppling down as residents of the area watched in horror. Officials on the scene reported the fire to be accidental, but an instestgation has been opened in order to pinpoint the cause. Fire chief Jean-Claude Gallet stated that the main structure had been “saved and preserved” from complete destruction. The fire has subsided early this morning thanks to the mass amount of fire department officials working to decrease destruction.

As many watched the spire collapse amongst the smoke, the safety of other cherished relics became the primary point of concern. Notre Dame holds priceless artifacts that tourist and residents alike have come to love and appreciate. A “forest” of wooden framework fueled the blaze that consumed the roof, with the structure dating back to the 13th century. According to the Paris Fire Brigade, the cathedral’s stone construction has been saved along with “main works of art”. Volunteers along with multiple officials have been rummaging the aftermath in search of other pieces of history. As the fire weakens, information on what was saved has become more apparent. Some of the artifacts uncovered have been released which includes, The Crown of Thorns, Twin Bell Towers, Emanuelle, the Rose Windows, the Great Organ, and the Holy Nails. Even though Notre Dame will be rebuilt, the history and meaning of “Our Lady” will always stand and remain true. Historical events such as Henry IV being crowned king took place inside the Notre Dame, Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned emperor, and that is to name a few. While times may seem bleak, holding onto a sense of hope and prosperity can keep people hopeful. The old building will serve as a piece of history for the new one after its assembly.

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