Fall Activities

By: Elizabeth Mata

There is so much fun stuff you can do for fall and the cost is either low or free. There is still another month in fall. Don’t wanna leave the house? That’s cool, bake a pie or make pumpkin bread. If that is too much work, you can just make rice krispies treats. Have a bonfire with friends or you could go on a picnic with them. Either way it would be fun. Or my favorite build a scarecrow with your friends or family. To build a scarecrow you can use old clothes, and leaves to fill it up with or if you have hay that could work as well. Wanna do something more active go for a hike. One of the best hikes is House Mountain, it has a mountain-top view and is only 10 miles northeast of knoxville. You can also run a race. There are many races you can participate in throughout November and if you like it, then there are also some for the winter holidays coming up in December. Fall festivals and other fall events are everywhere this time of year throughout the Knoxville area. Get out and enjoy this time of year with your friends or family.

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