Face in the Crowd: Emma Wright

By: Kylie Sweeney

This past week I had the opportunity to meet Emma Wright. Emma is in my third period class, Beginning Band. We sat down and she was kind enough to answer a few questions. Emma is a Junior at Powell High School. Her favorite subject is Art, however her least favorite is English. This semester her favorite class is Science Fiction. Her favorite thing about high school is that she gets out of her house. While her least favorite thing is how early it starts. One thing Emma wants to accomplish before she graduates is to take every Art class PHS offers. At this time Emma has no plans for after high school, but she currently works at Salsaritas and is on the Lady Panthers softball team. She claims to have no hidden talent, but states her best quality is sleeping 20 hours in a row if you let her. The hardest struggle Emma has overcome? Middle school. The teacher that has made the most impact on Emma is Mrs. Sutherland. Emma says Mrs. Southerland “is like my mom.”

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