Face in The Crowd: Dylan Thomas

By Bailey Cabe

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dylan Thomas, a Tenth grader at Powell high school, and asked him some questions. His favorite subject is gym as it allows him to have a break from other subjects. His least favorite is geometry as it's hard and he gets lost easily. His favorite subject this semester is Gym as it’s fun and physically exerting and he likes high school as he gets to socialize with his friends. When asked what his least favorite thing about high school was he replied that he constantly worries about his grades. He hopes to get a 24 on his ACT before he graduates and he wants to get a bachelor's degree in Fishery after high school. He has no job and his hobbies include football and fishing. He plays defensive line for our football team and says he doesn’t have any hidden talents. He struggles the most with socializing with other people.

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