Extinguish the Dragons

By Emily Evans

The Panthers are riled up for Week 5 of football. Powell versus Clinton is the first away game of the season. People crowd in, excited to feel the energy of the Friday night lights. Powell's Student section shows up and shows out in their neon gear, while Clinton’s student section barely shows up at all. Powell kicks off the ball to Clinton at 7:30. Clinton ultimately fails in completing a touchdown on downs (just like the rest of the game) and Powell’s #16 Walker Trusley completes an 85-yard pass to #6 Riley Bryant for a touchdown. Then #4 James Hyman completes the PAT. Powell 7,Clinton 0. This score remains as possession goes back and forth through the first quarter. At the beginning of the second quarter, #44 Eli Owens completes a 3-yard rushing touchdown. Hyman completes another PAT and Powell leads 14-0. The ball is kicked back to Clinton yet, they do absolutely nothing useful with it. The ball ends up in possession of the Panthers again and #1 Fernando Frances completes a 2-yard rushing touchdown. Hyman completes the PAT and the Panthers skyrocket 21-0 at the end of the second quarter. Both teams come out strong after halftime; however, the Panthers gain possession of the ball yet again and #6 squeezes through with a 2-yard rushing touchdown. Hyman’s kick is good. Powell 28, Clinton 0. With 7 minutes to go in the third, #44 Eli Owens pushes a 3-yard rushing touchdown. Again, Hyman’s PATis good. The Panthers lead “surprisingly” 35-0. By the fourth quarter, Powell had in their second string, if not their third. Clinton’s student section began to disappear and come to Powell’s student section as hope for their team disappeared in front of their eyes. The Panthers and Dragons toss possession of the ball back and forth and ultimately time runs out. The Panthers rein, and they extinguish the Clinton Dragons.

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