Essay Tips

Many of us will be graduating soon and going off to college... Scary. Most colleges will require you to write an essay so they can get a better idea of who you are. If you need help writing your essay, I have some tips for you.

  1. Start with brainstorming- You have years of life experience, take from those and pick the strongest and most specific. Brainstorming about your personality and defining your strengths is also a good way to begin.

  2. Create an outline and get everything on paper. Don’t worry about making it perfect, just get all your ideas out and then narrow it down. Try and identify what the tone of your essay is based on your ideas.

  3. Be specific. Give your essay a focus by figuring out how the questions relate to your personal qualities/the story you want to tell and then take a specific angle. Make sure everything you write supports your viewpoint. Avoid using cliche or generic phrases by developing the main idea with detailed facts and examples. Bring something new to the table and don’t write something they may have heard several times already. Admission officers have to read thousands of essays and most of them are forgettable.

  4. Be honest in your essay. They will give you a prompt with questions that may ask you about your best quality, an experience that shaped you, or the reason you want to attend. Don’t just tell them what you think they would want to hear, be honest about it. Be genuine and your qualities will stand out.

  5. Read your essay out loud, it forces you to read each word individually and you have a better chance of finding a typo. You can also read the essay backwards and although it sounds weird, reading in sequential order helps your brain piece together missing information or fill in blanks for you.

  6. Get feedback from friends or family and consider what they are saying while still keeping your voice.

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