Dwight Disney and His Pharmacy of Hometown Excellence

By: Madison Clabough

Last Wednesday afternoon, I got the chance to sit down with Dr. Dwight Disney; owner of Vaughn Pharmacy across from Powell High School and owner of Disney Construction, which his wife Andrea co-owns. Dwight married his highschool sweetheart Andrea, and they have 3 children together. One of his daughters, with plans of continuing the pharmacy name, just recently received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree,. Dwight graduated from Karns High School in ‘82, and then graduated from Mercer University with his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. In 1988, six months after he graduated from pharmacy school, he bought Vaughn pharmacy. During our sit down Dwight mentioned that his father was Vice President of Gerber; which definitely explains where he got his hard-working approach from. While his father ended up being a successful VP of Gerber, Dwight is the first person in his family to go to college.

Disney is a very personable man that was a former deacon at Grace Baptist Church. He has kept his family and faith-based mannerisms as the top priority of his career, and is very dedicated to making any customer that walks into the store his family- just as much as his biological family. Everything about him is very admirable, from the way he treats his customers and even to the way he interacts with non customers. He shared with me that he recently bought Norwood Pharmacy from its owner who had some ongoing health issues. Now, both pharmacies are operating out of the Vaughn location. Dr. Disney mentioned that he has many teachers and faculty that get their prescriptions from his pharmacy and have been for many years. Dwight has kept about 75% of the consumer population ever since conjoining locations, so it was a win-win for both parties. He’s even had some graduates from Powell come back and work for him because the environment is loved by many. I enjoyed speaking with Dr. Disney so much that I stayed there from about 3:35-6:02. We talked about politics, school, teachers, and our families.

He’s even a Louisville Cardinals fan like myself, which is pretty unheard of so I thought that was pretty cool. So if you want a family feel, great atmosphere, and even better customer service, you need to come to locally owned and operated Vaughn Pharmacy; they are sure to never disappoint.

Dwight Disney with a Louisville Cardinals souvenir that was gifted to him by a friend.

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