By Bradyn Key:

Imagine: You’re sitting in a classroom, the same as any you've worked in since attending Powell High School. You're raising your hand for a question, but the teacher isn't looking to grant you permission to speak. She's waiting for your own input on your own time. Nearby, a student gets up to use the restroom and forgets a hall pass. You expect the teacher to yell angrily after the student, until you remember they don't need a hall pass in college. Wait, did you just say college?

That's right! Dual Enrollment is an opportunity for seniors at Powell and many other high schools to participate in college-level classes, accompanied by professors, in their own familiar classroom. While you're still in high school, you have the possibility to earn college credit and jumpstart your post-secondary education! There are many perks and downsides to this system, however. And speaking from the viewpoint of an AP/Honors student that is actively taking two dual classes, I’d say the good outweighs the bad.

For instance, you don't have to take an AP test just to get the college credit. If you pass the class, you're all set! But that being said, if you fail, you also fail a college class and risk hurting your future college GPA. Likewise, attendance is not strictly enforced by your professors. They won't flag you down in the hall to give you silent lunch. However, if you don't attend numerous times, it will reflect in your grade. Don't take this class if you aren't prepared to act your age or perhaps above it. It can be a fun and new experience for students who want a challenge, but you should definitely look into it before your senior year rolls around.

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