Dress Code: Why Hats?

By Austin Durkin

The Knox County Schools system is way too strict with dress codes at their schools. One thing that I never understood, however, was hats. Why are hats not allowed in school? They are fashionable and they cause just as much distraction, if not less than dyed hair. If a room is cold, a beanie can warm you as much as a jacket. They have many practical uses such as helping resist cold, covering a bad hair day or dry skin flakes (dandruff), expressing oneself, and helping make new friends. It's just like if someone says “nice shirt.” if someone says nice hat, it makes you feel good. You may even make friends with that person that had something in common with you.

Of course, there are bad things to everything. Yes, it's just another thing for a bully to pick on. But shirts, jackets, belts, pants, and shoes are all things that bullies pick on as well. And those are things that you would get in trouble for trying to remove. So what's the point in taking away something so simple as a hat?! It is an article of expression that you wear atop your head. So why does this show so much outrage from teachers, staff, and administration? People take something so completely simple too seriously.

I come to school in bargain shoes, free-sale shirts and pants, and sometimes clothes that are too small. If I was worried about being bullied or socially ostracized, it wouldn't be over a hat atop my head!

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