Don't Waste Your Summer

By Logan Heidenreich

Summer break is already here. To many, that means no homework, no teachers, and no more annoying projects to tear at your conscience for the next three months. For others, that means doing whatever you want whether that be working or hanging with friends. If you’re a senior, that means you’re about to really start your life and become a working member of society.

No matter what you‘re doing or where you’re going, enjoy it. Spend time with friends and family. Work the crap out of some extra hours at your job and go blow it on an infinity gauntlet replica because “why not.” Go do something fun and crazy like cliff diving at the quarry or stay up all night playing video games if you’re into that. Just take advantage of this time in your life because you only get so many summer breaks.

Take this time in between school years to have fun and do whatever you want. I’m not saying go to a club “of sorts” and snort a powder “of sorts” or anything crazy stupid like that. Don’t hurt yourself, but it’s not wrong to have fun with this time in your life as a teenager. Everybody have a great summer, be safe, and God bless.

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