Detroit School District Experiencing Contaminated Water

By Skylar Letteer

Students of Detroit county schools returned to their familiar classrooms without functioning water fountains. Since 2016, water evaluations in Detroit Public Schools have tested positive for dangerous levels of lead and copper in 57 out of 106 facilities. The cause of contamination is unclear, however the district suspects a rusty pipe system to be at fault. The Detroit educational system has been under heat with breaking health regulations before with molding walls, crumbling roofs, and unsafe heating. Detroit’s superintendents are taking action to prevent further damages.

Following the Flint water crisis, Detroit’s contamination has become more serious throughout the past year. With the consumption of metal leading to a variety of health problems such as: delayed puberty, behavioral disorders, and hearing problems, Detroit Public Schools Community District has turned off drinking water and staff has been instructed to cook with bottled water. Nikolai Vitti has proposed to send 2 million dollars to add a hydration installment for the students after spending $200,00 on bottled drinking water. The district has been waiting for the results of approximately 17 more schools in order to take affirmative action, possibly increasing last year’s number of 24 to 41. Students have been able to prevent from drinking the polluted water, causing no harm to any individual attending the schools. The consumption of contaminated water has become a widespread issue with little to no effort being given to make a difference. Mandatory checks of piping systems in facilities and uncontaminated drinking water would allow the escalating statistic to decrease.

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