Dangers of the Dark Web

By Meghan Owens

The dark web is any network that requires specific software to access. Most illegal activity takes place here, including child pornography, instructions on how to build bombs and make ghost guns, uncensored videos of ISIS beheadings, and drug distribution. Apart from this, one specific website on the dark web is known as the Red Room. This server allows people to allegedly participate in interactive live streams consisting of torture and murder. However, the Red Room does cost money, but not the typical Benny Franklin you would expect. The world wide currency on the dark web is known as bitcoins, and one bitcoin is equivalent to 6,402 United States Dollars (USD). To view said live stream, it costs one bitcoin, but to have a say in what is done to the victim, it costs five bitcoins. Furthermore according to accusations, for ten bitcoins, you can be in complete charge of the victim’s fate. Not everything on the dark web is scary though. There are websites including scientific reports, academic information, and government resources, however; it is highly recommended that you don’t attempt to reach these servers. And even after numerous warnings, the people who choose to access these browsers usually use a VPN (virtual private network) and not just a free downloadable VPN. Most decide to invest at least hundreds of dollars in order to secure a safe and untraceable browser with a high profile and more advanced VPN. Even with the use of a VPN, it is becoming increasingly easier for certified FBI hackers to surpass these barriers, and uncover the user’s original IP address. From there, the FBI would be able to trace all of your internet activity, and more importantly, your name, personal information, and location. This may not be so bad for you, so long as you’re not an advocate of the darkweb or possess basically any amount of bitcoins. But here comes the scary part. The dark web consists of computer hackers that hold the ability to trace the IP addresses of unprotected browsers. Not all networks (including VPN networks) provide “absolute anonymity” and the dangers of users finding out your personal contact information are extremely high. Users also have been said to hold the ability to use your personal information in order to find your medical records. Along with that, without any source of protection, you could end up on the FBI watch list. Let’s all stick to Google from now on. It’s honestly the safer and more reliable choice.

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