DaBaby Slaps Fan

By: Chandler Snyder

DaBaby is one of the most loved new rappers in the game. He was the rookie of the year and the MVP of 2019. He just can’t stop fighting. He had a few instances of getting in beef and fighting people last year and it has always been a scandal. Most of the altercations revolve around fans who want to take pics of him and DaBaby wanting privacy and to not be bothered. This weekend DaBaby took it up a notch. He was at a club in Tampa and fans were dying to snap pics and put their phones in his face. One fan put a flash in his face and “hit him in the eye with their phone” and he reacted by slapping that fan. I'm sure no one would have cared IF the fan wasn't a woman. He then said on Insta “I do sincerely apologize, I do. I am very sorry that there was a female at the other end of the flashlight on the phone.” He then offered to meet her in person. I believe he won't face much backlash, it’s not like he just slapped a woman to slap her. He was walking through a crowd then got a phone shoved in his face so he reacted.

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