Cook the Cougars

By Emily Evans

September 27th, 2018 was a special game for the Powell Panthers. This Thursday night was the Panthers’ senior night; however, one problem, the fact that the weather was actually terrible. The rain would not stop pouring causing a miserable experience for fans, showing the student section intense dedication. Campbell County kicks off to Powell. Right off the bat, #16 Walker Trusley completes a passing touchdown to #14. The Powell Panthers now lead 7-0. On the kick, Campbell County’s #14 Christian Shouse runs the ball 95-yards for a touchdown. #22 Riley Wallace PAT is good. Campbell County 7, Powell 7. The ball goes back and forth until #16 Walker Trusley rushes the ball 8-yards for a touchdown. #4 James Hyman’s PAT is good as always. Powell pushes ahead, 14-7. After halftime and some back and forth possession of the ball, Campbell County scores rushing touchdown in the third, along with a cleared PAT, tieing up the Panthers and the Cougars. The Panthers scramble to make up for the lack of a lead and #1 Fernando Frances rushes the ball 11-yards. #4 James Hyman PAT is good. The Panthers 21, Campbell County 14. However,Campbell County does not back down; They rush the ball again in the beginning of the fourth, scoring another touchdown and PAT. Thus, once again the Panthers and Cougars are tied, 21,21. But #44 Eli Owens rushes the ball 1-yard for touchdown with #4 James Hyman completing another PAT; the Panthers lead 28-21. #16 Walker Trusley completes the final touchdown of the night, rushing the ball 36-yards. #4 James Hyman PAT good. The Powell Panthers win 35-21.

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