Colorado Murders

By Zion Loo:

Thirty-three year old Christopher Lee Watts was a beloved husband and father of two children. Recently, he’s been accused of being the murderer of this family, despite his claims at first of not knowing where they had gone and having pleading for their return in a TV interview to Denver7. He claimed that his last talk with Shannon Watts, his thirty-four-year-old wife, before her disappearance was an “emotional conversation” (later clarified to have been about Chris wanting to separate) before he left her at the house to go to work. He later confessed to having an affair with a coworker.

Shannon, who had been fifteen weeks pregnant, Bella, their four-year-old daughter, and Celeste, their three-year-old daughter, were reported missing on August 13th by a friend of Shannon's who could not find her at the house. Shannon's body was found on the 16th at Anadarko Petroleum Company, where Chris had been working. The bodies of their daughters were found in a mostly filled oil well.

Chris, after time, confessed to murdering his wife and burying her at his workplace. He did confess to dumping his daughters’ bodies in the tanks, but claims not to have murdered them. According to Chris, he strangled his wife to death in a rage after seeing her strangling Celeste while Bella had already been “sprawled out” and blue on her bed.

Chris has been charged with first-degree murder and tampering with the evidence. He hasn’t, however, been charged for the death of his unborn child due to the state law definition of murder requiring the victim to have been alive and born.

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