Clones are a Reality?

By Cody Foster

Kid Buu is a 23-year-old rapper representing New Jersey. Before he started to blow up on the popular music streaming platform, SoundCloud, he spent some time earning money by advertising for rappers. He started to gain fame through songs such as, “Death to SoundCloud,” “Dead Roses,” and “No Romance,” along with collaborations with fellow rappers Icy Narco, Ski Mask the Slump God, and friend Trippie Redd. Originally, he is from Canada where he was created in a Clonaid (number 0112568) as a clone of rapper Humongous the God. Yes, it seems extremely outlandish and preposterous, but he is actually a clone. But not of Humongous the God.

Markquez Lao Santiago is 30-year-old a rapper hailing from Canada and moved to Miami, Florida to pursue a rap career. He went under the name Humongous the God until the year 2017 where he underwent a major change from HTG to Kid Buu. HTG is your normal Southern, triplet-flow rapper who collaborated with Migos. Kid Buu is a South Florida rapper who copies the style of rappers such as XXXTentacion and Lil Pump. Santiago went from a normal, nappy-haired rapper to a colorful dread, rockstar type rapper. However, not even his dreads are real as it turns out.

Before getting “cloned”, HTG had been charged with child abuse, so, in an attempt to get away from this fact, he created the persona Kid Buu. It didn’t take long for internet sleuths to find out about his checkered past. Kid Buu’s ex-girlfriend went to YouTube and detailed everything that she experienced while dating him from his age to his fake social media followers. He has continued to bite the sound of other rappers in an attempt to become popular and it has worked, but should we really be supporting someone like this?

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