Classroom Trick-or-Treat

By Talynn Walker

Next Wednesday for Halloween, Powell High School is doing a classroom trick-or-treat during school from 8:15 to 8:45. Students do not have to wear a costume to be able to trick-or-treat, but it would make the school day that much more interesting!

Powell High School Halloween Costume Expectations!

  1. For safety and security reasons, masks, face paints, or body paints will not be permitted.

  2. No real, toy, facsimile guns/weapons (i.e. sword, knives, etc.)

  3. Costumes that are sexually suggestive or would violate the school dress code are not permitted.

  4. Costumes that are overly graphic, promote violence, or otherwise might logically be assumed to be offensive to others is not acceptable.

  5. All costumes must be sensitive to all religious and ethnic groups.

  6. No costume shall use language or symbols that target identify groups of students.

  7. Hats or wigs are allowed if part of the costume and they do not distract from the learning environment. Please note that they must be removed at the request of any staff member.

  8. Costumes may not include items with sound effects, lights, or other components which would disrupt the classroom learning environment.

  9. If you are not sure the costume is appropriate, then it probably is not.

Spirit week wasn’t the best, so let’s all get behind this, participate, and enjoy it!!

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