Christmas with Go!

By Regan Black

I had never enjoyed Christmas, even when I was little, it was the same arguments and presents. That’s all it ever was until my eighth grade year, when I was apart of the KSO Clayton Holiday Concert. As many people know, I danced for many, many years, and was apart of Go! Contemporary Dance Works, for the past few years (I am not in it currently). Every year, during the KSO shows we always did a Secret Santa, and it was one of the most amazing things. Everyone in the company got a name and it was a blast. Last year, a girl in apprentice company got my name. It was the sweetest thing, she and all the other apprentices walked up to me together and handed me the gift. They were all scared to death of us older girls, and they all tried so hard to make us all happy. Those girls truly showed me what Christmas is about, they tried so hard to give everyone their love.

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