Christmas Traditions That Are Dying Out

By Mirabella Booth

Heading as a family to midnight mass; Going door to door Christmas caroling; Taking family portraits and sending out Christmas cards; Modern life has caused these Christmas traditions to nearly die out. According to a study by The Telegraph, about 68% of Americans will be too busy gift shopping to enjoy the traditional yuletide activities.

One and ten polled by the Salvation Army claimed that shopping is the most important festive activity. Even from October, Christmas decorations and advertisements are plastered throughout the high street, pressuring us to prepare for Christmas. It’s hard to ignore that when the holidays roll around, there's a huge emphasis on buying presents.

Desperate to wrap up Christmas shopping, many may opt out of their Christmas church services. The same study by The Telegraph found that only 7% will attend a Christmas Eve church service. As for other Christmas Eve Festivities, 74% of adults said they wouldn’t even consider singing a Christmas carol. Over a fifth of adults said that well-wishing your neighbors over the holidays is no longer common. Visiting the Christmas market, volunteering with a charity, and sending cards to family and friends are also on the downlow.

As for Christmas day, over a third said that television will take over the majority of the day. 17% admitted that the children will spend their day on their phones, tablets, and game consoles. 28% said they won’t play board games with family. Even the Christmas dinner is on the downlow.. 14% reported ordering takeout for their Christmas dinner.

The future for these beloved Christmas traditions doesn’t look too promising, but it doesn’t have to be the end. This holiday season, we should make a conscious effort to let loose, focus less on the stress of gift giving, and take a moment to celebrate with friends and family. If we lose site of these beloved traditions then the holidays will ultimately become dreaded and stressful.

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