Christmas Memory

By Zoe Bedard

Christmas is not my favorite holiday. If someone was to ask me what my favorite holiday is, I’m the type of person who would reply with, “My birthday of course.” Part of me wishes I was more selfless, less stressed, and more of a giver. I’ve met plenty of selfless people in my life, and my fair share of selfish people; many of them are in my own family. If I had to choose my favorite part of Christmas, I would want to say family, but family has never even been a big part of Christmas for me. For me at least, family is more of a friendship thing, and less of a blood thing. Since my birth, every Christmas has been emotionless and full of shopping and begging. This year is a little different for me though. I have to admit, there is nothing I really want for Christmas this year. Even though I have not asked for much, I’ve been blessed with so much. One gift I’m afraid I received this year, is my sister and brothers.

I have always had my brothers, but I have never felt that they cared for me, and shocking enough I have never had a sister. This year has been hectic and depressing. I think I changed a lot this year and so have my surroundings. I don’t think I will ever be able to express my love for my sister. I’ve never been perfect for her, yet she is so perfect within herself. She’s beautiful, creative, and unique. She’s a new addition to my tiny family, but I wouldn't want anyone else. If I could, this year I would give her everything she wanted for Christmas. I’m not like her though because she has already given me everything. I truly love her no matter how mad she is at me, no matter how I’ve ever treated her, she is my perfect Christmas wish.

Another beautiful gift I’ve received this year was buried underneath every challenge we have faced since October. I think I have grown closer to my brother, someone I barely even spoke to this year. He is the strongest person in my life, stronger than me. He is the reason part of me has made it this far, he is the reason I think I’ve became more aware of others. I dislike how people treat him because he is truly an angel. He deserves so much more than what he will get this year, but I hope he knows I love him very much.

I don’t have a Christmas story, since Christmas has never been important to me. One thing I do have this year though, is a family, and it is all I want.

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