Christmas Memory

By Korri Manzolini

My favorite Christmas memory is from two years ago. My siblings and I woke up to the amazing smell of Monkey Bread baking in the oven. My parents make it every is the best thing ever and it has been a tradition for years. We all sat down together at the table, which doesn't often happen because we are always so busy and we talked and laughed for a while over the most random stuff. After we got done eating, we all sat around the Christmas tree while we had the fire going and we took turns opening presents. For the rest of the day we sat around in the living room and watched Christmas movies while playing with whatever we had received earlier.

Later that night, my best friend, Lauran, had come over to my house and we listened to Christmas music while putting these silver strings that looked like icicles on the Christmas tree. During this time, I had a German Shepherd and it was her first Christmas with us so Lauran and I put on Santa hats and took photos with her which we called our, “family photos,” and it was my ultimate favorite moment. That Christmas was my favorite memory because I spent a lot of time with all the people that I loved and it was so simple but it was the best thing that I could have asked for and I wouldn't change it for anything.

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