Christmas Memory

By John Foster

In November of last year, just days after my 16th birthday, I got into a car wreck. I was turning onto Clinton Highway and a guy pulling a horse trailer hit me and totaled my car. I was devastated and could not drive until I got a new car. Even if I did get a new car, my parents told me that my insurance would skyrocket because of my wreck. For the next month, I rode the bus and asked my friends for rides home because I didn’t have a car to drive.

Fast forward to about two weeks before Christmas; I wake up one morning and walk into the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal and as I was getting the milk my mom walks in. She asked me if I had seen what was on the counter. It was a Christmas card and inside was a car key. I walked out to the garage and inside was a 2014 Toyota Corolla. That is the best memory that I have of Christmas.

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