Christmas Memory

By Logan Heidenreich

Two years ago, On Christmas Eve, I got sick. Very sick. At first, we thought it was either a really bad bug or food poisoning. I was so sick that we decided to go to the ER, and we waited for a good 2 hours for someone to see us. We finally got a doctor and by that point, I was dehydrated, but I could not keep anything inside because it would just come out one end of my body. So the nurses had to pump water into my system via IV. The doctor eventually sent us home, and they thought it was just a really bad case of food poisoning. It turned out to be something that lasted for months after. I also could not eat anything other than toast and eggs for a little over a week after Christmas. It turned out that the lining of my stomach was infected, and the doctors could not find out for about a month. And that's my Christmas story.

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