Christmas Eve Memory

By Shelby Anderson

Christmas in my family has always been a very special event. Everyone gets together to celebrate the holiday, and no one is left at home. One Christmas memory that will always be special to me, is the tradition that my family has followed since I was just a tot and even before that. On Christmas Eve, my entire family gathers together at my Nana’s house. When you walk in the door the nuance of Christmas surrounds you. The whole house is decorated with candles, holly, wreaths, poinsettias, pine cones, and so much more that creates the most perfect winter wonderland. My mom always makes her homemade lasagna, warm italian bread, and fresh greek salad to compliment the main dish. We all gather around the table and spread holiday cheer, as we eat and talk about anything that comes to mind. After that, of course we share sweet treats and exchange gifts with all of the intermediate family. People have come and gone over the years, newcomers and people that have passed away, friends and new family members. It may sound crowded and maybe a little odd, but the dynamic is always the same, an intimate family setting where everyone is welcome. The traditions remain the same every single year, but the memories that are made are always different. I have always been blessed with the gift of having a family to celebrate Christmas with, I have never had to spend this holiday alone,

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