“Cheeto Fingers” is Wrong?

By Austin Durkin

Have you ever had a bag of Cheetos and ended up with a hand covered in Cheeto residue? Most people would call this delicious orange and/or red substance having “Cheeto Fingers.” This has been the unofficial name for this tasty dust for years. Now in 2020, 72 years after its creation, Cheetos has officially named this odd fandom most people so desperately crave. It is now officially known as “Cheetle.”

On the official Frito-Lay website you will find this statement, “Snackers everywhere love the delicious cheesy dust that lingers on their fingertips after enjoying a bag of Cheetos. Now, ‘Cheetle®’, as the orange and red dust symbolic of true Cheetos fandom is officially known, is taking over a new snack for Cheetos fans to enjoy in the new year: popcorn. Cheetos Popcorn marks the first time ever that popcorn has been infused with Cheetle.” You heard that correct. Not only have we just found out the name of this delicious snack, but Frito-Lay is also making a new popcorn “infused” with Cheetle. This news about popcorn, however, is nothing new. On December 15th, Frito-Lay released Cheetos popcorn to theaters around the US, however, now it comes in a 7 oz. or 2 oz. retail bag. This snack must be so delicious that it needs to be made for household use as well.

Not only is the popcorn style old news, but so is the word Cheetle. Although it was only just now officially dubbed said name, this was not the first time Cheetos as a brand has said this word. As far back as 2015, Chester Cheetah said in a Twitter post, “Cheetle is dust that sticks to your fingers when eating Cheetos. More magical than pixie dust. Show me your #Cheetle.” So 5 years ago, Frito-Lay already knew what they wanted, but they waited until 2020 to make it official. Now you can buy this cheesy snack in popcorn form at any retail store. This was said by the director of marketing for Frito-Lay North America, “The only way to truly take popcorn to the next level is to add the iconic Cheetle, the cheesy dust that will entice Cheetos fans to snack on this popcorn all year long."

Whether you call it Cheeto Fingers or Cheetle, this is one of the best developments that no one will care about except gamers and children. Now let’s go eat some Cheetos and get Cheetle on!

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