Car Policy

By Korri Manzolini

The Powell High School car policy needs some work. The administration has made it where students can’t leave to get something from their cars unless they have a cop with them. On most occasions, they won’t let you go at all. While I can understand how letting students go to their cars can be a gateway for them to skip out on class and leave campus, I think it is a bit harsh because it can be detrimental to those of us who actually need to run out for something and can handle the privileges. Last year, they would give people a block of wood that they would have to bring back inside if they ran out to their car. Several students forget important things that they may need for class or for lunch and they strongly disagree with this policy because it is hurting them. We also understand it is for our safety. The policy is hurting us more than it is helping us. Mr. Whitehead, the freshmen assistant principal, said that it was in place to ensure the safety of each student. He completely endorses this policy and would not change anything about it. Do you have any opinions concerning this policy? If so, please share them with us.

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