Bomb the Jets

By Emily Evans

The second home game of the season for the Panthers versus Cumberland County. Cumberland County kicks off the ball to Powell at 7:30pm, and the suspense commences. Will Powell keep their title as “top dog”? (due to their obliteration of Halls the prior week) The stands are filled with about a thousand people and panther pride consumes the air. Powell completes their first down with 11 minutes in the first on Cumberland County’s 45-yard line. Powell eases up on Cumberland county’s 32 yard-line with 10 minutes to go. Then #16 junior Walker Trusley makes a 32-yard passing touchdown to #3 junior Bailor Walker, once again the Panthers lead 6-0.

#4 senior James Hyman completes the following kick, allowing the Panthers to gain a point becoming 7-0 in the first quarter. Cumberland County punts the ball to Powell and #16 junior Walker Trusley completes a long pass to #1 Fernando Frances; Powell has the ball on their own 46-yard line. First down, Powell has the ball on Cumberland County’s 29-yard line, 7 minutes to go in the first quarter. They ease up slowly past their 20-yard line. Fernando Frances #1 rushes the ball 12 yards for a touchdown, the score is now 13-0. #4 Hyman completes his second PAT of the night and Powell is now 14-0. Powell kicks off the ball to Cumberland County and they have the ball on their 16-yard line. #5 junior Tyler Kirkess blocks a punt and Powell now has possession of the ball at Cumberland County’s 11-yard line. Senior #2 Deuce Shreve then completes a 12-yard passing touchdown to #9 senior Carson Cole, pushing Powell ahead with a score of 20-0.

Hyman completes another PAT resulting in Powell leading 21-0, ending the first quarter. In the second quarter, #7 Jordan Brown recovers a Cumberland County fumble and has the ball on their 15-yard line. Yet again, #16 Walker Trusley completes a 15-yard passing touchdown to #5 Tyler Kirkess. Powell is killing Cumberland County 27-0. Hyman’s fourth PAT of the night is good, 28-0 in the second quarter. Powell kicks the ball to Cumberland County and yet again they recover another fumble. Sounds like Cumberland has butter fingers. #72 Colby Wheeler recovers the fumble and is now in possession of the ball on their 32-yard line. Powell then turns over possession on downs. Eventually, Cumberland County punts the ball to Powell and #2 Deuce Shreve completes an 8-yard rushing touchdown; Hyman completes his PAT and Powell continues leading 35-0 in the second quarter. Back and forth possession fills the third quarter and finally, in the fourth quarter #8 Harold James completes an 8-yard rushing touchdown. Then Powell’s girl kicker, #41 sophomore Paige Rood completes her first PAT and then score is 42-0. Powell High School once again dominates, bombing the Cumberland County jets 42-0.

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