Austin's Year Reflection

By Austin Durkin

I was tasked with a job to write a reflection on my year as a junior at Powell High School. This was a hard task for me because this experience is incomparable. I have moved my entire life. I literally moved twenty-two times before the age of thirteen. So these past three years have been something new for me. I never settled down long enough to make lasting friends, have a girlfriend, or feel like I belonged. That all changed when I transfered to this school. This school is my home, this is the only place I will remember when I’m older. I've moved so much that I can’t remember my first day of any school year, or any school dances, or basically anything. I only have this high school to thank for having anything good or bad to remember.

Now it can’t be all good. Junior year has by far been my hardest year. I've lost multiple family members. I had troubles at home and at school. I found out a lot about myself that I needed to know years ago. That was the hardest part. Staying in one place for so long meant that I needed to learn how to maintain friendships and open up to new ideas. It was both enlightening and scary. I wouldn’t change any of it though, no matter how much I want to. I love the friends I made. I love the relationships I’ve built.

Journalism was a big part of my high school career so far. I tried both construction and theatre, both not working out for very different reasons. But this class was different. It makes me feel included at least 90% of the time and it's also really helped me break out of my shell as a person. I’ve always been the person to ask the dumb questions but at least there’s a use for them in journalism.

And that’s basically it, I can’t remember the rest.

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