“And the Ghostwriter is…..”

By: Ghostwriter xoxo

Oh my goodness! I am overcome with the amount of response to my previous submission. I never dreamed that so many of you would actually take the time to read...wait...did you actually read it? Did I step on some toes? Could it be that some of you just scanned over it and then were persuaded by others as to the actual content and meaning of what I said? Say it ain’t so!!

I’d like to challenge each of you to go back and read it again. This time with an unbiased mind and approach. For many of you thought I was calling out the current senior student section leaders. Hmmmm...after only one game? They haven’t had time to prove themselves as leaders quite yet; however, since the publication of my last article a few of my peers have shown that they would like to carry on the harassing, bullying, and arrogant ways of classes from the past. If you want to be a real leader work with our principals to fix the problem. What’s that? You say you can’t do anything about the situation?

We all officially claim the foul and disgusting Twitter account is not run by those among us, but how many of us have reported the account to Twitter? If you haven’t reported it you are part of the problem! I don’t care who you are or what your title is, everytime you see something that doesn't represent PHS and our standards report it to someone. We may not know who the owner of the account is, but we do know that how we are being represented is not who we are. So, come on “leaders” (whoever you are) step up and report that account every single time something is tweeted that does not represent us.

I’ve heard you talking in the hallways, classrooms, yeah...even in your group chats and the majority of you are totally against and are over how some people are acting. Not at our school huh? This is when we need student leaders to step up and take a stand, not run around in chat groups threatening to expose me and physically harm me. Really?? I thought this was Powell - “Knoxville’s Best” - not 1692-1693 Salem, MA., or the crazed villagers from Beauty and the Beast bound to destroy the horrible Beast (hmmmm, maybe a good homecoming fundraiser would be to sell torches for the villagers). You say you know who I am. You’ve done your research (all you PI’s...smh). You have “connections” who have told you (you’ve again jumped to conclusions...remember what happened when you misread the article?). You want to know who Ghostwriter is?

I, Ghostwriter, am:

Your constitution;

Your 1st Amendment and right to free speech (supposedly without persecution);

Your voice;

Your protector;

Your conscience;

I am the one you will make you uncomfortable with the truth;

I am the one who provokes thought and encourages a shift in paradigm;

So you want to see me...know me? Look in the mirror…

I am you!

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