Am I Going to die from the Corona Virus?

By Emily Evans

The Corona virus is all over the news, most people are losing their minds over the possibility that it might wander into their back yard and affect them personally. The total number of global cases has reached 94,000 with more than 3,200 fatalities. So where are these cases?

China’s overall number of cases is beginning to slow down the number of new cases. South Korea has over 6,000 confirmed cases. In other European nations such as the UK, Spain, Italy, and France cases are continuing to rise. The United States has a total of 11 deaths and California confirms it is in a state of emergency. However, the worldwide death rate for flu in 2020 has already reached 46,000. So why is the corona virus so popular right now?

Corona virus has been around for years, and has, for the most part, been harmless in years previous, in fact most people will probably be infected with it as a common cold at some point during their life. Because COVID-19 is a new strain of a SARS virus, it can be carried through oral transmission as well as blood and fecal matter. There has been no way to fight this virus, because it is new there has been no way to combat it. There is absolutely no treatment and is spread via hand to hand contact, sneezing, and coughing. Who is at risk? The CoronaVirus is most likely to affect the older population; more than 80 percent of the cases have been mild and have infected the 60+ age group. Officials are hoping to slow the virus down through personal hygiene tactics.

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