By Savanah Shelley

Just two weeks into school and Powell High School has already done two fire drills and one evacuation drill. Today marks the second fire drill and many are immensely frustrated. Knox County has a set amount of drills they have to conduct, and I understand that; however, three drills already is ridiculous. I asked around the school and heard that the administration is trying to get all of the drills completed early on, which may seem like an essential idea until you think about other factors. Having these drills one after another in the same, small amount of time has several negative effects. These drills not only affect teachers’ instructing time, but also the students. Rehearsing all of the drills early on in the school year may result in complete chaos later in the year if some students have forgotten the protocol and are not taking it serious. Drills one after another also are taking very important amounts of class time from teachers. Teachers are losing pieces out of their class time which means they are losing time to teach their students these beginning units of the curriculum. All of these issues can be solved if these drills were spaced out throughout the school year like they used to be.

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