Aftermath of Australian Wildfires

By: Kylie Sweeney

Wildfires have devastated the country of Australia. About 12.35 million acres have burned and at least twenty-four people have died in the fire. Ten of those people were firefighters helping to save the animals and the people. The exact number of animals that have perished are unknown, but sources say anywhere from 600,000 to 480 million. The accurate number of deceased animals will possibly never be revealed thanks to the destruction of their shelter and food. 10,000 more animals are in danger of being euthanized. Sources say distraught camels and horses have traveled into communities to scavenge for food and water. They are tearing houses apart and damaging property, resulting in authorities saying they may have to euthanize the animals for the safety of the people of Australia. Most animals survive the fire itself, but are then left stranded without food and water. Many organizations are stepping up and are dropping food in order to provide nourishment to animals, until natural food resources and water replenish in the areas affected. South America is even feeling the ramifications of the fires. Hazy skies lie underneath thin veils of smoke, and in some places chemicals that cannot be seen hover in the air. Although the wildfires in Australia have calmed down, the repercussions will last for months and years to come.

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