By Gavin West

Take a moment and think of every day of your life. Not only the days that have past, but think of the days to come. Think of patterns that seem to occur within your days and ask yourself, “how have these patterns developed?” Because we all have at least one thing we could honestly say we are addicted to within our lives. This is because it’s human nature for us to depend upon something else in our lives for happiness or relief. Whatever this fix may be is different for each one of us, for none of us are even close to the same when it comes to the pursuit of happiness within our lives. Sometimes this addiction we have is not necessarily a negative thing and can in fact help us or just not leave any sort of large impact on our lives. These are some of the many addictions we can have that are alright to keep in your life; however, there are just as many addictions out there that impact you in a very negative way whether you realize it or not. So truly think through your days and find an example or two of addictions within your life. Then think how you could live without these examples and how you would be affected if at one point you suddenly lost them. For millions of people these examples are deadly ways of numbing the senses or clouding the mind to escape from the reality of their current situation or to cope with a past event. These are such emotionally strong reasons for addiction which is why these addictions seem to be the hardest to break. They plague the host until they are strong enough emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically. People who face these strong addictions are not necessarily victims, but they are deserving and in need of help. Addiction is a beast that wears many faces, for it is viewed differently by all from the outside and controlled differently by all who must face it straight on.

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