ACT Strategies: Math

By Talynn Walker

The math portion of the ACT consist of 60 question that you have to answer in 60 minutes. If you can’t do the math, that’s one minute per question. This portion of the test consist of number & quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, statistics & probability. Here are a few strategies to help you with the math portion of the ACT:

Back Solving:

Plugging in the answer choices

Start with “c” so you’ll know to go up or down since the answer choices are least to greatest.

Random Numbers:

Plug in random numbers

Start with 3 or 5, NEVER 0 or 1


Memorize formulas, and how to use them.

10 Extra Minutes?:

Blitz through the first 20 questions within 10 minutes.

Give yourself 20 minutes for the middle 20 questions.

Doing this leaves you with 30 minutes for last 20 questions, and any questions you skipped over.

Cherry Picking:


If you know how to solve a problem, take the time to solve it and answer it.

If you do not know how to answer a question, make your best guest guess.

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