ACT Practice

By Talynn Walker

A few years ago Dr. Smith decided to try an ACT Prep class, and this year decided to try an ACT Boot camp. Dr. Smith made this decision to expand students scholarship opportunities and post secondary options, and boost students scores. Also, the state made it mandatory for students to take the ACT for graduation so he felt as if it was important to have the ACT Prep program and boot camp. The ACT prep class started with Mr. Wells as a teacher, but Dr. Smith ended up calling Coach Smoker and asking him to be the new teacher. I asked Coach Smoker what made him decide to go from a history teacher at the middle school, to an ACT Prep teacher and boot camp teacher at the high school. His response was, I knew all of the students here and I've taught an ACT prep class before. I also knew I could make more of an impact with an ACT class. There is around 240 students in all of Coach Smoker's classes put together. There is one semester long ACT prep class for AP students that choose to take it. As for the ACT Boot Camp, we are the ONLY school with it and there are about 30 students that attend every ACT Boot Camp. The ACT Boot Camp has actually proven to help students score go up. Powell high school students have had a 1. overall increase in their scores.  The next ACT Boot Camp is March 2nd from 9 AM to 1 PM, and the junior ACT test is March 12th. For Powell High School our ACT average is around 20.2 while the national average is 20.9. If a student scores a 25 they're in the op 22% in the nation, and if a students scores an 18 they're in the top 64% in the nation.

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