Abaco Apocalypse

By Chandler Snyder

About a week after the strongest recorded hurricane rampaged through the Abaco Islands, the citizens remaining in the area tell the story that they have nothing left. Boats and cars were destroyed in the storm, scattered across the streets. Houses are completely flattened, and businesses have been completely demolished. The power is non-existent, leaving hundreds of people in the dark. The smell of tragedy is in the air. The Category 5 Hurricane attacked the islands with winds of 185 mph. At least 44 people were killed during the storm, the country's health minister explained, but there is a large number of people still reported missing, a number that is expected to rise. Most of these deaths and disappearances occurred on the Islands, and thousands are now attempting to evacuate; the great Albaco is becoming a ghost town. “These clothes on me, that's all I have. Everything's gone," stated a resident of the islands. "Plenty neighbors are dead," said another resident. In the Bahamas, Brian Symonette lost his shoes in the hurricane. As he traveled around the island, gathering supplies for his family, he witnesses Dorian’s aftermath. With his feet torn up, toenails falling off from walking barefoot on debris, Symonette explains, “I’ve seen dead bodies. I’ve seen bodies of people crushed by debris, hanging out windows. It’s not good,” he stated in an interview with TIME. The best description for the area as of right now is Apocalypse. Residents are looting stores, homes, and businesses out of desperation. One resident stated he “seen people walking around carrying firearms and breaking into stores. It was the local gas station and two hardware stores.” Most are aware that the Abaco Islands have been struck by the storms, but the majority do not understand the severity of the situation at hand.

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