A Public Parking Lot

By Dylan Cooper

Our back parking lot can hold a few hundred vehicles that all leave at the 3:30 bell. As you could imagine, the lines and nearby redlights cause the parking lot to back up and take 30 to 45 minutes to completely empty out. Me, being the owner of a vehicle with a manual transmission, can not stand to be stuck in stop-and-go traffic, so I enjoy standing outside with a few friends waiting for the line to go down a little bit before I pull out. Keep in mind that we don’t cause any distraction or harm to the other drivers or pedestrians. Between me and my friends, like 4 of our vehicles don’t have air conditioning, so sittin in 90 degree heat not moving is miserable. But the SRO decided the other day that we aren’t allowed to stand out in the parking lot anymore, and he demanded we get in our vehicles and leave the property, it only being 3:45 and the parking lot still half full. We sat, not being able to move into the line, for a good 10 minutes. They are worried about us just standing out in the parking lot, while there are kids in the Community Chest parking lot doing drugs and smoking cigarettes. Yet, we get threatened with suspensions if we don’t get in our vehicle immediately. Really?! School is getting ridiculous!

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