A New Halloween Story

By Austin Durkin

What was your childhood story about Halloween? Salem Witches? Ghosts? Well, this story is a very different story about a fire. A simple flame… and how it can be applied when in the hands of a demon.

The year is 1647. A family has made dinner for All Hallow’s Eve. The flame has been set to keep the kids warm as they eat in the front room. A sudden knock at the door startles the wife.

“Who could be at the door at nights mid-hour,” the wife mumbles. She quivers as she grabs the handle and pulls open the door.

A dark figure stands at the frame of the door, his face covered by the night’s shadow. “Hello, there madam. Sorry to bother a mother at such a dark time of night,” he speaks in a hushed tone.

“It’s quite alright”

“Have you seen a man walking the street recently”

“No, sir, I was cooking”

“What a shame, well please keep an eye out”

“What does he look like?”

The man goes to speak but quickly stops himself. As he walks off, he says one last word... “Demonic.”

She shudders at the word. That word has never been spoken so lightly from anyone's mouth. The wife heads into the house with dark thoughts on what that man meant by that word. ‘How could he state it and not keel over in fear?’ she thought. Her fears are stopped by her older son.

“Mother, where is father? He’s late,” the son says, “is he okay?”

“Of course he is, child,” the mother says in a reassuring tone. She picks him up and sits in a soft chair. The daughter soon joins them after finishing her food. All scary thoughts have left the mothers mind as she falls into a deep slumber with her loving children.

Hours pass without disturbance. Then the worst thing imaginable happens. The mother wakes from her slumber and realizes that the children are no longer there. She quickly stands and looks around. Her eyes finally find purchase with a figure across the room. It was not her children, nor her husband. The thoughts of the stranger came back to her as she looked into its eyes. That word just kept repeating. “Demonic.” His eyes are blood red. His body is night black.

Without confidence, she tries to demand him. “W-where are m-my children!” She shudders and takes a step forward.

“I do not have them. A darker figure has taken them.” He says in a calm tone.

She thinks about anyone that could be. Then her mind starts racing. “Herald,” she mumbles.

“Your husband, yes. He took them an hour ago. But I would worry more about yourself right now. You see, I'm not here for fun.” he says in a whisper.

“What do you mean?”

“You know what this is”

“It was only once!”

“...Obviously, that was enough”

She tries to run for the door, but she is pushed by an unknown force into the chair she was sat in. The dark figure sits in the chair next to her and grabs the tongs next to the fire.

“So sad that the fire is almost out,” he says, “Let me fix that for you.” He starts throwing fire on the wooden floor. The fire catches unnaturally fast and starts burning everything around the women.

She goes to scream but no noise comes out. She’s panicking without noise.

“Well, we can’t have you alerting people to the fire. That’s never been fun for me. Very bloody, very unprofessional.” He says with a grimacing smile. “No, let us just enjoy this moment together” He starts reading off of a paper to her. “Okay, now for the boring part. I have to read you the contract put against you. Mary June, your husband, Herald June, has given up his soul in order for you to die in a fiery hell. He states that he did this out of revenge for your lechery with another man.”

She starts screaming with no noise. Finally, the fire is surrounding her and she knows this is her end. The demon burns the paper in the fire and starts walking off.

“Pleasure doing business with you”


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