A Nation Torn By Division

By: Katherine Sweat

Division is the most critical issue facing the United States today. Controversial topics such as women’s choice, LGBTQ rights, immigration laws, and gun control have become the “elephant in the room” throughout our nation's communities, schools, and households. This is because it is becoming more and more difficult to find individuals who are able to civilly talk about their differences. Today’s societal ideals have warped people into believing that having a difference of opinion is a negative concept. Because of this, our nation has become inept in the ability to listen and communicate. Rather than embracing dissimilarities to create conformity, the people of the United States oftentimes choose to slander those who have opposing beliefs. Today, Americans fail to view one another as humans rather than political platforms. Passing legislation is arduous and standstills between democratic and republican representatives have resulted in several government shutdowns throughout the years. Protests are occurring more often and social media platforms allow defamation to spread. The division in this country today is possibly the worst it has ever been, and the lack of unity has been, and always will be, the greatest enemy the U. S. could face.

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