A Moment with John Capron

As we take a look back on the events of September 11, 2001, we are reminded of the lives changed and the country’s patriotism reborn. As someone viewing this as a historical event I didn’t live through, I’ll never be able to truly know the thoughts and feelings that people experienced, the terror and realization that what was occurring was no accident.

We were able to get into contact with John Warren Capron Jr., a Navy Veteran who was working at Take Away Cafe in Scarsdale, New York that day, a business he started 7 years prior. His business was merely 27 miles from the World Trade Center. We asked him multiple questions regarding the attacks that happened on 9/11, and we are incredibly grateful to him and his courage to share what he went through that day and the feelings he had to experience.

Thank you Mr. Capron!

Q: Did anything feel out of the ordinary?

A: No.

Q: Could you see the WTC from where you were?

A: Up on the roof of my building when I was at home, yes.

Q: Did you hear or see anything when the first plane hit?

A: No.

Q: How did you find out about the first impact?

A: Imus in The Morning radio show. It was reported that a small plane had hit one of the Towers.

Q: What was your initial response to what you heard and saw?

A: No big deal.

Q: How did the people around you act?

A: The same.

Q: Did you or anyone you were with leave the place you were in at that moment in time?

A: No.

Q: Did you see the second plane hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center?

A: On TV by this time.

Q: At that time did you realize that it was a terrorist attack on the United States of America?

A: Unfortunately, yes.

Q: How did this make you feel?

A: Pissed off.

Q: Did you try and communicate with any friends and family on 9/11?

A: Everyone and anyone who I knew was in Manhattan that morning

Q: Did you try to evacuate NYC after the second attack?

A: No.

Q: after the last attack on the U.S. occurred, did you go on the streets on NYC?

A: No.

Q: Were you a part of the volunteer effort around NYC or did you know of anyone that helped?

A: No.

Q: What was the spirit of the nation, or the residents of NYC, like after the attacks?

A: NYC was devastated, understandably so. Then, patriotism sprouted from every crack, crevice and open space everywhere in my country.

Q: Would you say that 9/11 helped to build you into the person you are today? If so, how do you view the world after?

A: It has absolutely changed the way I will look at things, forever.There have been good and bad people in this world ad infinitum. The brutality, and civilian loss of life has permanently left a mark on my soul.

Q: How were your family or friends affected?

A: My business partner, now of 25 years, lost a first cousin, simply because he went to work in The Towers that morning. I found out later that several distant acquaintances had perished also. Police, firemen, ordinary people who knew someone I knew.

Q: Have you or will you pass down your stories and memories of 9/11 down to your younger relatives?

A: They were here. Now a new generation of family coming in. If they ask, I will tell them.

Q: From everything that happened that day, what one thing do you want the younger generation who wasn’t even born at the time to know?

A: Never Forget and always be vigilant, everywhere you go.

One thing we can always remember is the lives lost and the selflessness of the people in this nation and across this country portrayed that day is something we should always do. We shouldn’t just have to come together because of a tragedy, though that definitely does help us come together. But, instead, spreading kindness everyday and committing selfless acts can spread the act of vigilance to ensure that the country never has to experience a tragedy like this ever again.

Thank you, Mr. Capron, for taking the time to answer the questions laid out for you. We will always be grateful and we will Never Forget.

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