A Letter to the Sad

By Anonymous

I once knew myself… I once knew the shell of a human I am today. He was spirited and witty. He could be a smartass, but he was sweet. He once even saved people’s lives. He felt almost like a superhero-- like Superman and Batman. But now he is me. I am nothing compared to him… nothing at all. I am a tortured, F-ed up soul. A shell of a decent man I was. A Broken, idiotic man.

Do you ever use jokes to keep your mind happy? I do. I do it daily..weekly..yearly. I do it because I know if I stop, I’ll break in the pressure of life. I know I will never survive this world. I will die within this world physically like I already did mentally.

I am lazy

I am unmotivated

I have depression

I have anxiety

I am broken

I am used

I am hurting… but I will survive

I will move on. I will adapt and evolve. And if I can’t, I tried. At Least I can say I tried. I tried my very best, that's all that matters.

I am not perfect or untouched. But like me, we’ll get through this. Together.


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