A Killer Trend

By Gavin West

If you know what alcohol is then you probably know about our human trend of overusing it. Well imagine an online trend of people all ages just drinking as much as possible as fast as possible. Now this doesn’t sound exactly deadly until you find out the amounts they are drinking is actually almost twice the deadly amount. The reason for all these people doing this is simply the peer pressure; however, nowadays peer pressure is much larger than just those friends around you. Social media has caused a generation of people with two lives. One live and one online. This online life has seen to be much easier for people to be influenced towards something; hence the creation of the job “social media influencer”. A “social media influencer” is a person or group that has gained a large following, so companies reach out and pay them to have them test and advertise their product for their entire following to see. Which is why it is no surprise that these instagram party accounts have been able to accidentally influence an entire generation into drinking mass amounts of liquor. While this may appear funny to watch other people do, it’s actually killing many people around the world; however, that side of it isn’t what gets the spotlight or really hardly mentioned.

On average six people die everyday from alcohol poisoning alone in the U.S. and this number does not seem to be shrinking anytime soon. Especially with generations of partiers coming up all over the country. This problem is just as large as smoking within teens use to be, and someday it will end just as cigarettes are dying within the teen populous. So don’t be like others and fall into this weird loop of accidental “social media peer-pressure” and just don’t do it and if you already are STOP...you will thank yourself later.

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