A Junior's Reflection

By Logan Hedienreich

So far, my high school experience has been exactly what you expect: friends, girlfriends, prom, drama. Aside from all that it has been a growing experience that has made me the person I have become today. Each year has been different than the one before. My freshman year was weird because I was trying to figure out the school. My sophomore year felt like three because of some drama I got myself into. My junior year is where I really started to learn a thing or two about life.

I have learned things about figuring out what I believe and not letting the opinions of other people change that. Things like getting my priorities straight and focusing on the important things in life, and things like value the smaller things because life is only gonna get harder. Though that sounds depressing, I have learned not to take things for granted. The biggest thing that I have figured out about life is that it is what you make it. I know that’s cheesy and everyone says that but if you let life suck it’s going to suck; however, if you make it awesome, (and sometimes you have to work really hard to make it that) it’s going to be awesome.

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