A Friendly Face and a Big Smile

By Shelby Anderson:

The odds are, if you attend Powell High School, you have seen Mr. Smith. Although teachers commonly receive the brunt of the glory, we hardly ever take the time to appreciate some of the wonderful substitutes that can occasionally be seen in place of some of our teachers. Mr. Roy Smith is one of these incredibly special substitutes. He has been subbing for six years and primarily subs for Powell and sometimes Halls. Anyone who has had the joy of knowing Mr. Smith knows that the most important thing to him is his late wife Carolyn June Elizabeth Smith. When asked about his beginnings in substituting he simply said, “I was drafted into it by my wife!” Carolyn Smith had a passion for teaching and was a teaching assistant at Brickey McCloud for twenty-five years. Smith says that his wife had a gift for teaching and mentoring students. Along with being “blessed” with a gift, it was also her passion.

Now that Carolyn has passed away, Mr. Smith says that he is so thankful that his wife got him into subbing. His son lives out of town and he enjoys substituting, so he stays occupied to prevent loneliness and missing his beloved wife. When asked about the one word he would use to describe Carolyn he said, “Simply amazing, and I love and miss her so much.” Smith says that he loves getting to know his students, and the company they offer him during the day, but the nights are still difficult for him. He says that he has met so many wonderful friends while subbing at Powell. He misses Carolyn dearly and the time they spent together, but he uses subbing as a way to honor his wife’s legacy. Carolyn suffered with lung cancer that later metastasized into her liver, spine, and other parts of her body. He was sure to mention that although she suffered greatly towards the end of her life, she still always had a big smile on her face. Although he substitutes most days, when he is at home Mr. Smith spends his time gardening and at Sharon Baptist on Sundays, his church of 44 years. Mr. Smith said, “I get along well with the students, I really do, and I very rarely have problems with them.” Mr. Smith wants all of the students that he has or will substitute to know that he cares about them deeply, and when asked one thing he would tell every student in this school he said this; “Believe in yourselves, and study! The way you prepare yourselves now will affect your future.” Roy and Carolyn Smith had been married for “46 years 2 months and 14 days”, which goes to show that true love will always stand the test of time.

In Loving Memory of Carolyn June Elizabeth Smith

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