By Talynn Walker

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is a club that is available to any student that is interested in marketing, travel, tourism, and sports marketing. This club helps prepare students that want to be leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Students in this club go to competitions to see whose marketing and business strategies are the best. There are many different areas to compete for. Some of these areas are Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Making, Independent Business plan, Start-up Business plan, Entrepreneurship series, Automotive Services Marketing Series, Retail Merchandising Series, and many more. The DECA club at Powell is ran by Susan Martin, one of the marketing teachers. They usually meet on the first Thursday of every month, and membership fees are only $15. As of right now there are only 12 people in DECA, but Mrs. Martin is hopeful for more. DECA’s first meeting will be after fall break, so if you planned on joining you should do it soon.

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