By Emily Evans

Powell High School football is one of the most important factors to everyone in the Powell community. With its 6-1 record, the Panthers were thriving. However, a certain incident brought up by TSSAA changed that record: a transfer student who was ineligible to play played in all 7 games. TSSAA shared a letter that informs that the administration incorrectly submitted the transfer and enrolled the student in Powell High School. The punishments include:

  • A letter should be written to the schools against which the ineligible athlete(s) participated, notifying them of playing the ineligible player(s)

  • Article III, section 14 of the TSSAA bylaws states that if an ineligible player competes in a contest, the entire contest is forfeited to the opponent (our record is now 0-7).

  • Powell High School has now been fined $700.00 for playing an ineligible player in seven varsity football games per Article III, Section 14 of the TSSAA Bylaws

  • As per the TSSAA Bylaws, upon becoming eligible by rule, the student athlete(s) will be ineligible for twice the number of contests he participated in as an ineligible player, or for the rest of the season, whichever is less.

  • No further disciplinary action is being taken against the athletic program of Powell High School.

Powell High School’s record is now 0-7 because of the use of the ineligible player. After speaking with Powell High School’s Athletic Director Chad Smith, the decision is unappealable according to TSSAA.

It seems our only option as a student body is to continue to act with pride and dignity. We as a student body should act with class because lashing out at other high schools will not help; the only thing to do now is show West what we are made of. Will the school crumble because of allegations or rise to the occasion? Of course Powell’s football team is devastated. Support your team, it is not their fault. Find players and encourage them. Do not place false blame; it is now out of our hands. Let’s rally together and take our Panther Pride to each and every remaining game. Go Panthers!!

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